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Tuscany in East Keilor

Rosecreek Estate is a small family business which operates with volunteers to help with the busy times of the year. Tony and Lina set up their vineyard in an urban area with the idea of growing their own food and making their own wine. The vineyard and olive grove grew from there.”All we ever wanted to do was sit at the table and eat good food and drink great wine.”

We’ve always kept a garden at home for ourselves.  In the 90s our son Angelo did a wine-making course and that’s when we became more serious about what we grew.  In addition to several grape and olive varieties, we have a vast range of fresh produce from tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, chillies and capsicums to herbs, nuts, figs, quinces, stone-fruit and more. We take to markets our oil, olives, wine and any excess produce from our garden.

We started growing things that we missed from Italy when we first came to Australia, but now we like to try growing everything, to see whether it will produce for us. Growing food is natural for us; our families in Italy did it and we can really taste the difference between the food we grow and what you can buy.

The Siciliano family garden grew into Rose Creek Estate which has been producing fine wines and award winning olive oils for many years.  The olive oil production is based on traditions in their home town of Varapodio in Italy. The views and family atmosphere around Rose Creek Estate and their passion for traditional Italian cuisine and living give this winery in the suburbs of Melbourne a mediterranean ambience. 

The adherence to the traditions of Italy makes this a home away from home and creates a unique atmosphere with its hospitality and refreshing honesty as well as dedication and pride that is associated with making boutique wine products.

Rose Creek Estate has four main workers, and is supported by a network of friends and family who help during the year to ensure that production can remain at a viable level. The process by which the wine is produced employs reduced sulphur levels.  The family is continually dedicated to perfection and ensures the regular upgrading of barrels and machinery. An Italian processing machine was imported for the extraction of the Rose Creek Estate olive oil, which is an outstanding product.

This is fine wine and delicious extra virgin olive oil at its best.  Visit Rose Creek Estate winery for a gourmet delight, meet us at our regular market visits or place your order via the Shop.

Growing Honest Food

Book cover - Growing Honest Food

On the corner of Craig Street, an old wine barrel and some young olive trees tell me this must be the place, although facing me is just a house like any other in the street.  

I wonder if I have come to the wrong address until I spot the name Villa Varapodi.  I know then that I am at the right place. The casual passer-by would never guess that behind this brick house in suburban Keilor East lies a ‘secret garden’, a wonderful green world lovingly tended by Tony and Lina.

The Book is called “Growing Honest Food – An Oasis of Italian Tradition in the Suburbs” and is available from the author Gabriella Gomersall-Hubbard.

Tony in the vineyard

Visit from Costa Georgiadis
Lina preparing food