Tony checking the olives before pressing


Villa Varapodi Olive Oil

Rose Creek Estate produces highest quality Extra Virgin Olive oil, which is defined by the International Olive Oil Council to be Virgin Olive oil with perfect aroma, flavour and colour and an acidity level of not more than 0.8%.

Unlike other olive oils, this sola polpa oil is not pressed. The oil is carefully extracted in small batches from the flesh only of hand-harvested olives using an ancient method. This produces an oil of extraordinary quality, flavour and purity.

Rose Creek Estate produces 3 harvests, which vary in taste and flavour, while still containing an acidity level of not more than 0.8%. The first harvest is high in antioxidants and is a far richer oil than the other two harvests.

The prices vary as the earlier the harvest the higher the quality of the oil.

Oil is available in 375 ml or 200 ml bottles or our specialty bottles.

  • First harvest – green olives 
  • Second harvest – semi-ripened olives
  • Third harvest – fully-ripened olives
  • 2015 Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania – One gold, two silver, one Bronze awards and a Equal Champion medal

  • 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show- Three Silver awards

  • 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Award- Three Gold and Silver awards

  • 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Award – Gold and Bronze awards

  • 2011 Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania – One gold, two silver and a champion medal

  • 2008 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show – Gold medal

  • 2008 Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania – Roberts Limited Trophy